USB Burglar


USB Burglar USBR


USB Burglar is faster and more powerful than any computer hacker in the world. USB Burglar can give you full access to a locked computer or Android cell phone. Get almost all the PASSWORDS stored on the computer or Android cell phones.

Trying to get access to a locked Android phone or bypass the login screen for Windows, Apple or Linux computer? Then USB Burglar is what you need. Just plugin the USB Burglar and in less than 1 minute you can all all the information you desire:

  • Uploaded information to a FTP website when it is plugged into the USB
  • Saved to your USB Burglar
  • Email the information to any email address you like

Stealth Mode

When the USB Burglar is plugin to a USB it runs in stealth mode. There is nothing displayed on the computer screen.

USB Burglar Is A Favorite Among:

Computer Security Experts - hackers, penetration testers and IT professionals

Investigators - Law Enforcement and Private Investigators

Parents - find out what your kids are doing on their computers and cell phones

Cell Phone Tech's - Get access to locked Android phones


You tell us what information you are trying to gather and how you want it sent to you (email, ftp or saved to USB Burglar) and we will customize it for before it ships.

Reuse Over and Over

You can reuse your USB Burglar over and over on any computer with the same operating system.

  • ByPass Login Passwords
  • Computer Information
  • User Information
  • Shared Drive Information
  • Installed Program Information
  • Get User Documents
  • Network Information
  • Network Scan
  • Wireless Profile
  • Screen Capture
  • Firefox Profile
  • Chrome Profile
  • Safari Profile
  • Explore Profile
  • Find and FTP a File
  • Add Administrative User
  • Open Port
  • Start WIFI Access Point
  • Share C Drive
  • Enable RDP
  • Reverse Shell
  • Download .exe and Execute
  • DNS Cache Poison
  • Sticky Keys Swap
  • Remove Windows Update
  • Extract SAM

Works With The Following Operating Systems

Works With Android Cell phones

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