WiFi Phone READ'R - iPhone/Android


WiFi Phone READ'R - iPhone/Android BC4005CEP

Instantly view Trail Cam pictures on any smart phone!

Instantly view your trail cam photos on your smart phone. View, Delete, Save, or Share! Works with Apple iOS, Android 4.0 systems like Motorola, Samsung, HTC and LG brands.


  • Weath’R Shield™ protected for the outdoors

  • View, Delete/Clear, Save or Share images from your phone

  • Works on Android and Apple iPhones!
  • Transfer images from your TrailCAM SD card to your smartphone or tablet, then simply clear the card in the field and return it to the TrailCAM.
  • This PhoneREAD'R creates its own WiFi hotspot for your phone to use anywhere you hunt.
  • Simply plug in the white cord for ease of recharging the batteries.
  • Operates with a free App for iPhone and Android systems.


  • Whitetail'R WiFi Phone READ'R
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WiFi Phone READ'R - iPhone/Android WiFi Phone READ'R - iPhone/Android